Grandview/Graham Bell TRACK & FIELD MEET

Thursday, May 31, 2018


(*Times are approximate*)

9:00 am Facilities preparation and warm up


9:25 am Announcements


    Time                  Track Event    Time                    Field Event
9:30 Jr. Girls’     1500m

Jr. Boys’     1500m

Int. Girls’    1500m

Int. Boys’    1500m

Sr. Girls’    1500m

Sr. Boys’    1500m


Shot Put – Int. Girls’

We will Run Jumping events as follows.

Junior Triple

Intermediate Triple

Senior Triple

Then begin running long jump in same order until time runs out



Jr. Girls’     100m

Jr. Boys’     100m

Int. Girls’    100m

Int. Boys’    100m

Sr. Girls’    100m

Sr. Boys’    100m

10:10 Shot Put – Int. Boys’


11:10 Jr. Girls’     400m

Jr. Boys’     400m

Int. Girls’    400m

Int. Boys’    400m

Sr. Girls’    400m

Sr. Boys’    400m

10:50 Shot Put – Sr. Girls’


11:40 LUNCH BREAK (if time) 11:40 LUNCH BREAK (if time)




Finals         100m


Jr. Girls’     800m

Jr. Boys’     800m

Int. Girls’    800m

Int. Boys’    800m

Sr. Girls’    800m

Sr. Boys’    800m

12:15 Shot Put – Sr. Boys
1:20 Jr. Girls’     200m

Jr. Boys’     200m

Int. Girls’    200m

Int. Boys’    200m

Sr. Girls’    200m

Sr. Boys’    200m



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