Thank you!

As the new acting principal at Grandview, I would like to express my gratitude for the great welcome I have received from students, staff and the parents I have met.  I know it is not easy to lose a principal near the end of the year, especially one like Mr. Leadbetter.  However, he and I have met several times, and continue to do so, to make the transition as successful as possible.

I am a Brantford person, born and raised here and a product of our school system.  I grew up in Eagle Place and went to the now defunct schools of King Edward and Joseph Brant.  I have been in education since 1982. (some students have already come up to me and said that I taught his/her parents…at least no grandparents yet!)  I officially retired as a principal from Banbury a couple of years ago, but have continued to fill in for principals since then, most recently at Major Ballachey before Christmas. I am happily married to Shelley, also a retired teacher, and have two “kids” who are making their way in the world.

My door is almost always open, and ready to problem solve beside you on issues that arise. Looking forward to meeting you!

Acting Principal-Rod Bowers

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