Wrestling at Grandview!!!

Wrestling Bear

Last year, Grandview won both the County Boys’ and Girls’ Team Championships in Wrestling.

Male and female students from grades 5-8 are invited to come out and give wrestling a try.  Students will be instructed in conditioning, how to fall safely, take-downs, and pinning combinations.  Any home conditioning that can be done will benefit the wrestlers.  I will discuss with the wrestlers what type of conditioning would be suitable for home.

Wrestling will begin Wednesday, March 21. Practices will be held on Wednesday afterschool until approximately 4:30, Thursday during first nutrition break, and various nutrition breaks when coaching is available.  It is important for parents to realize that we instruct the students how to wrestle safely.  However, due to the inherent nature of the sport, injuries can occur.  We insist that students do not practice on the school ground or on unwilling siblings or parents.  The wrestling techniques should only be done in the gym under the supervision of an adult. Students missing practices or being unsafe will not be able to continue as part of the team. Students will need gym shorts (preferably with no pockets), a t-shirt and running shoes to take part in practices. Zippered and/or buttoned shorts are not acceptable.

The tournament will be held May 9 at W. Ross MacDonald School.  Students will wrestle against their same sex at the tournament and in weight divisions (divisions vary; usually by 2-5 lbs in each division).  There are no age categories.  Students compete for individual medals and for the overall points total for the boys and the girls.  The more participants, the better the chance of an overall school victory.  We will not make cuts from the team unless a student has not got enough practices in to wrestle safely or exhibits unsafe behaviour.

A permission form needs to be signed before a student can take part in this activity.  Please return the attached form prior to the beginning of the wrestling season. Let’s repeat last year’s success.


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