Canada Dominates The World in Hockey!

Today all the classes took part in 6 goal hockey in the gym competing for their assigned countries. The primary classes played soccer instead, but took part in a shootout with sticks.

At the end of the day the intermediates took part in a game of The World (intermediate students) versus Canada (the teachers).  Of course Canada dominated.  It was a great day of fun!

Hockey Results

  • China – Gold
  • Switzerland – Silver
  • Korea & Germany – Bronze

Over Medal Standings

 Medals                           Gold                 Silver                 Bronze                Total

Switzerland                    1                           2                          2                         5

Korea                                1                                                        4                         5

China                                 2                           1                           1                         4

Great Britain                 2                                                        1                         3

Germany                                                       2                          1                         3

Norway                                                          1                                                      1

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