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Canada Dominates The World in Hockey!

Today all the classes took part in 6 goal hockey in the gym competing for their assigned countries. The primary classes played soccer instead, but took part in a shootout with sticks.

At the end of the day the intermediates took part in a game of The World (intermediate students) versus Canada (the teachers).  Of course Canada dominated.  It was a great day of fun!

Hockey Results

  • China – Gold
  • Switzerland – Silver
  • Korea & Germany – Bronze

Over Medal Standings

 Medals                           Gold                 Silver                 Bronze                Total

Switzerland                    1                           2                          2                         5

Korea                                1                                                        4                         5

China                                 2                           1                           1                         4

Great Britain                 2                                                        1                         3

Germany                                                       2                          1                         3

Norway                                                          1                                                      1

The Luge!

Grandview held its third Olympic Event yesterday.  Students of all grades took part in the Team Luge competition with Switzerland winning the Gold, China, the Silver and Korea won the Bronze.  Hockey will take place on Friday.

Grandview Olympics Medal Count

 Medals                           Gold                 Silver                 Bronze                Total

Switzerland                    1                           1                           2                          4

Korea                                1                                                        3                          4

Great Britain                 2                                                        1                           3

China                                 1                           1                          1                          3

Germany                                                       2                                                      2

Norway                                                          1                                                      1

Let The Games Begin!

Grandview began their Opening Ceremony for the Olympic Games. We had our parade of champions of our countries taking part in our games, followed by our Aerials competition and our Nordic Combined event of Curling and Figure Skating. The results were as follows:

Country Colours

  • Gold – Great Britain, Korea
  • Silver – Germany
  • Bronze – Switzerland, China


  • Gold – Great Britain
  • Silver – Switzerland
  • Bronze – Korea

Nordic Combined

  • Gold – China
  • Silver – Norway, Germany
  • Bronze – Switzerland, Great Britain, Korea

Medal Count

                                            Gold                 Silver                 Bronze                Total Medals

Great Britain                    2                                                       1                           3

Korea                                 1                                                       2                           3

China                                 1                                                       1                           2

Switzerland                                                   1                          2                          3

Germany                                                        2                                                       2

Norway                                                          1                                                       1

School is Open Today


School is open today, February 7, 2017.  Be careful walking and driving.

Congratulation to Bailey and his mom!

February’s Math Challenge should be coming home this week! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work with your child for a common goal.

Grandview Grizzlies


Bailey and his mom are the winners of the student-parent math challenge for January.  They received a $25 gift certificate for Cineplex.

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to share in some mathematical success with your child and the school.  Next question comes home February 5.

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Compassion and Kindness in February


As part of our OPHEA certification, our leadership team has created a Gratitude Wall that fits in perfect with our character attribute of compassion and kindness. Students are welcome to continue to add things that they are thankful for.


Go Canada Go!!!


Although we will be assigning students to a different country to follow the Winter Olympics, we know our hearts are truly Canadian.  We had lots of red and white today to celebrate Canada as we prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games.