A Note From The Public Health Nurse At Your School…


Physical Activity in Colder Weather

As the temperatures drop, there is no need to hibernate indoors. Head outside and spend time being physically active with your children; help them build skills for an active life. Tobogganing, playing a game of hockey, going skating or participating in a winter treasure hunt are all great activities that will get the whole family moving. Before heading outdoors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Dress warm and layer clothing. Don’t forget a warm hat, mittens and boots!
  • Stay away from ponds and rivers. They may look frozen, but the ice may not be thick enough to support your body weight. Play it safe!
  • Pack a lunch and something to drink. It’s easy to forget that in the cold air you can still get hungry and thirsty.
  • Wear Sunscreen. You can get sunburn even in the winter!
  • Watch for frostbite. Kids get frostbite faster than adults.  Signs of frostbite include a prickly or itchy feeling in the skin, numbness and/ or discoloration on the face, ears hands or feet. Stay protected, stay warm.

Also, stay tuned for information regarding Triple P Parenting (Positive Parenting Program) seminars that will be happening in the New Year.

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