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What is a Snoezelen room?

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Concert Success!!!

We had a phenomenal turn out last night for our holiday concert. Standing room only.  Students again did a fantastic job entertaining us with song and dance. Thanks to Ms. Hutcheon and Mrs. Decroos for organizing the concert.

We hope everybody has a safe and wonderful Christmas Break!

Merry Christmas!!!

Concert Is Tomorrow

Carol singers

One more sleep until the holiday concert.  The Dress Rehearsal is tomorrow at 12 pm.  Parents and guardians are welcome.  The night time performance begins at 6 pm. Doors open at 5:30.  We can hardly wait!


Student-Parent Math Challenge


Congratulations to Nolan and his mom on winning the December Student-Parent Math Challenge.


Myth:  Math belongs in the classroom.  I can’t help my child learn math at home.

Fact: Teachers and parents play different roles in helping children learn math.  Both roles are equally important.  Your child’s teacher is trained to teach all aspects of the math curriculum.  Your role is to support your child in learning math, and to encourage his/her curiosity and interest about math.  A key way you can do this is through everyday activities that involve math.

Use this quick guide to create everyday number problems for your child at an appropriate level. The skills shown in this chart are ones your child should know by the end of each grade.

Grade Managing Money Adding and subtracting Multiplying and dividing
1 Up to 10¢ to 20 using concrete materials Introduced to the idea of skip counting (e.g., 5, 10, 15, 20) as a building block for multiplication
2 Up to 100¢ to 18 (e.g., 6 + 8) Introduced to repeated addition (e.g., 3 fives is the same as 5+5+5 or 3×5) as a step in learning to multiply
3 Up to $10 2-digit whole numbers (e.g., 37 + 26) to 7 ´ 7 and 49 ÷ 7
4 Up to $100 4-digit whole numbers (e.g., 4217 + 1914) to 9 ´ 9 and 81 ÷ 9
5 Up to $1000 any whole numbers, decimals to hundredths multiply 2-digit whole numbers (e.g., 24 ´ 31); divide 3-digit by 1-digit whole numbers (e.g., 346 ÷ 7)
6   any whole numbers, decimals to thousandths any whole numbers, decimals to tenths by 1-digit whole numbers (e.g., 1.4 ´ 4 and 5.6 ÷ 4)
7   fractions, decimals, and integers decimals to thousandths by 1-digit whole numbers
8   fractions, decimals, percentages, and integers fractions, integers, decimals by powers of 10


Taken from:  Math Learning Today: produced in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Ontario District School Boards 2016


Holiday Concert Announcement

Just two more sleeps!

Grandview Grizzlies

Carol singers

Our annual Holiday Concert will be held on Thursday, December 21 at 6 pm. The dress rehearsal will be at 12 pm on Thursday, December 21. Parents and family members who cannot make it to the night time performance are welcome to join us for the afternoon dress rehearsal.

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Friday is “Celebrate The Holidays” Day

snowman friend

Dress in your festive outfits on Friday to celebrate the Holiday Season.  Maybe bring a snowman friend.

Christmas Tree – notification change

The Christmas trees must be delivered this evening, therefore, if anyone would like a free Christmas tree – please let the school know (519 752 1422) by 2:30pm today.

Thank you.