A Note From The Public Health Nurse At Your School…


Is your child up to date with their immunizations?

 Getting immunized protects children from many serious diseases that spread quickly and easily in schools. To attend school, children need to have proof of immunization against:

– Tetanus                   – Pertussis                             – Measles

– Diphtheria               – Meningitis                           – Mumps

– Polio                        – Varicella*                             – Rubella

*Required for children born in 2010 and later

Children who are not fully immunized or have not reported their immunization(s) to the health unit may be suspended from school.

What you need to do

Check with your doctor to make sure your child has all the immunizations needed to attend school. If your child has followed Ontario’s Immunization Schedule then they will not be suspended. Your doctor is not required to report your child’s immunizations to the health unit. Reporting to the health unit is the parent’s responsibility.

Grade 7 students

Grade 7 boys and girls will be offered three free vaccines at school clinics that protect them against the following diseases:

  1. Meningitis*
  2. Hepatitis B
  3. Human Papillomavirus

*Required for school for students in grade 7 and older

In September, immunization consent forms will be sent home with all grade 7 students.  Please complete and return the consent forms as soon as possible.  School clinics will be held in November and May.   A school clinic calendar can be found on our website: www.bchu.org/schoolclinics .

For more information, www.bchu.org or call us at 519 753-4937 ext. 451.

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