Road Construction


Roadwork Construction on North Park Street

As you know we are dealing with construction on North Park Street.  I have just finished talking with the construction company and the city and expressed our concerns as they move forward.  The next stage will be taking up the asphalt between Eastborne and Charing Cross.  As this happens there will be a fence put up along the sidewalk to ensure student safety.  North Park Street may be closed in front of the school between 9:30 and 2:00 each day.  Next Wednesday, June 14, the road in front of the school will not be accessible.  Parents are asked to park on a side street and walk their child to school.  The same will be in effect at the end of the day.  Please note if weather doesn’t cooperate on Wednesday, then the work will be pushed back until Thursday.  Students riding the bus will be dropped off and picked up on Dundee Street.

Also, the sidewalk and paving for North Park between Eastborne and Dundas will begin on June 20th.  They will be doing one sidewalk at a time, so that there will be access to the school from that direction. Please discuss safety with your child to exercise caution walking along the construction.

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