Sorry About The Inconvenience

no-stoppingschool bus sign

The parking/drop off situation at Grandview is not a great situation.  We must ask though for parents to abide by the City By-Laws that you cannot stop or park between the signs in front of the school between 8am-9am, 11pm-1pm, and 3pm-4pm.  I know many of you are just stopping to let off your child, however, the signs indicate that there is no stopping in the bus zone.  Please help us by abiding by the city laws and understand that we are just doing our jobs to ensure our students are safe when we ask you not to stop or park in the zone. We are sorry for the inconvenience. City By Law Enforcers will be coming to monitor the situation in the next few weeks and tickets will be given to those who are not complying with the law.

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