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Friday Apps Mill Trip

We need you.

Do you have a police check registered with the school? Do you like outdoors?  We’re looking for some more volunteers for a trip to Apps Mill on Friday.  We need your support to ensure our students can take part in out of school trips. If you are available to help out, please contact the school. 519-752-1422.

Please Be Safe!


As many of you know who drop off and/or pick up your children from school realize there is construction happening on North Park Street.  We ask that you please be careful watching for students.  Many cars are doing 3 point turns on the street.  Eastbourne Ave, although was not accessible this morning, is to be accessible for cars and our buses. Please do not do 3 point turns in front of the school.  Students are to cross at the crosswalks, however, some students and parents walk directly across the street due to where they have parked their car.   Yesterday we did have one of our students hit by a car.  They are okay, however,  we need to work together to ensure the safety of our students.

Thank you for your cooperation.


June Math Moment


Please Join Us!

EQAO Success!!!

EQAO success

Ms. Marshall’s class celebrated the completion of the grade 3 EQAO testing with a trip to Dairee Delite. Job Well Done!!!

Lyme Disease


Please see the attachment below for information regarding Ticks and Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease

Regional Track Meet


Winners from our school track meet will be competing at the Regional Track Meet at Lion’s Park on June 15. We will be taking a bus with Graham Bell.  Students are to be at school for 8:45 am. They will return to the school by 3:00 pm. They are to bring proper athletic attire, a lunch, and lots of fluids.  Please dress for the weather, including a hat and sunscreen.  The canteen at Lion’s Park will also most likely be open.  Participating students have been given a permission form which needs to be return ASAP.  A copy is attached below.

Go Grizzlies!!!

Track Regional