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Grade 8 Trip

The end of the year trip is quickly approaching and I wanted to give you an update on our fundraising efforts.  Originally the trip was going to cost around $136 dollars.  With the freezie and popcorn sales, as well as, the May Day Fair donation from the parents group our final total comes in at $100.  This is the total price, so subtract the deposit money that you have already handed in from your total.  Most parents gave $50 dollars, so your balance would be $50.  If you gave more and forgot how much, I do have it recorded and can let you know.  Just send your child’s teacher an email.  2nd Installments are due Friday June 3rd.


C. Eisenbach, S. Bradford, B. MacGregor

Crazy Hair Day!!!


Ever had one of those days? Crazy Hair day will be this Thursday.  Show us how wild your hair can be.

Support your colour house!

Grade 1s Persevere!  

Today Mrs. Smith’s Grade 1s spelled perseverance in 3:69 with a little help from their 4/5 friends.  After, Nolan, Kelsea, and Colby shared how a grade 1 could persevere.  Mr. Bradford’s Grade 7/8, you’re next!

EQAO Testing

Best of luck to our grade 3 and grade 6 students as they take part in EQAO testing May 25- June 1.

Grade 5/6 Perseveres and Makes the Cut

Mr. Murray’s class spelled perseverance in 3:46.  It was getting close to end of the song but they pulled through and met the goal!  Congratulations Grade 5/6.  Taiden and Jakob shared how you could persevere by learning to ride a bike for the first time or take your teachers feedback to better yourself.

Grade 4/5 Learns About Water: 2016 Water Festival

Mr. Smith

It was a perfect day of sunshine, fun games, and learning at Mohawk Park.

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A Great Day at the Water Festival!

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Grades 3/4 and 4/5 were at Mohawk Park today learning about water conservation, water science, water treatment and so much more!