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EQAO results for 2013-2014

Please see the attached information regarding Grandview’s 2013-2014 EQAO results.

2013-2014 EQAO School Results

Boys Baseball Permission Form

int boys bball 10,02,14

Fire Prevention Week

fire prevention week flyer

Helping Students Learn from The Parents Institute

Have a look at the Newsletters attached from The Parents Institute for suggestions to help your child do better in school.

Helping Students Learn Sept 2014 Elementary

Helping Students Learn Sept 2014 Middle

Helping STudents Learn Oct 2014 Elementary

Helping STudents Learn Oct 2014 Middle

Reminders for Students and Parents

A couple of quick reminders for students and parents regarding our school ground polices.

  • All open food and drinks should be consumed prior to coming onto the school grounds
  • Students are not to be on skateboards, scooters, and bikes on school property
  • Students are asked to stay out of the parking lot and are encouraged to enter the school grounds by the kindergarten side of the school
  • Students are asked to not arrive to the school prior to 8:55 unless they have pre-arranged to be there to meet a teacher (sports/media/homework help, etc.)
  • Students are reminded that peanut products and peanut substitutes are not permitted on school grounds

Let’s work together to keep our school grounds safe and clean!

Quiz tomorrow plus sweet domino video

Quiz tomorrow plus sweet domino video.

Current Information Sheets

Parents/Guardians:  Student contact sheets (Current Information Sheets) will be coming home with your student(s) over the next couple of days.  It is VERY important that these forms be read, corrected, signed and sent back into the school.  Please be sure to send this sheet back to the homeroom teacher by Monday, September 29th.  Thank you!!