Congrats to the Grads!

On behalf of the staff here at Grandview Public School, I would like to congratulate the  grade 8 graduating class of 2018. They are now off to their respective high schools and we wish them good luck in all their endeavors!


Grade 8 Graduation is on Monday, June 25th. The ceremony will take place at Shenstone Memorial Baptist Church.

There will be a brief reception afterwards at the church for our guests and students.  Then the students are invited to Echo Bowl from 8-10 on East Colborne St. for food and bowling. Students will need to arrange for their own transportation to and from the bowling alley.

Important-Change of venue for Regional Track and Field on June 15. It is now at Lion’s Park!

Congrats Wrestlers!!!!

Our boys wrestling team captured the Brant County Elementary Schools Athletic Association Team championship for 2018.  Although the meet itself was a few weeks ago, the team results were not known until this past week. Both of our teams worked very hard in the preceding weeks to prepare for the competition.  We are extremely proud of our teams.  Thank you to the parents who were able to come out and support the wrestlers!

Regional Track and Field-June 15th

Our regional track and field meet (those students who finished 1st at our own meet and have achieved the qualifying standards) will be held at the new Kiwanis Sports complex behind Pauline Johnson.  Permission slips will be sent home within the next couple of days.  Athletes and coaches will be travelling by bus.  Spectators are very welcome.  The schedule will be very similar to the one below, except relays which will be added on to the end.

Grandview/Graham Bell TRACK & FIELD MEET

Thursday, May 31, 2018


(*Times are approximate*)

9:00 am Facilities preparation and warm up


9:25 am Announcements


    Time                  Track Event    Time                    Field Event
9:30 Jr. Girls’     1500m

Jr. Boys’     1500m

Int. Girls’    1500m

Int. Boys’    1500m

Sr. Girls’    1500m

Sr. Boys’    1500m


Shot Put – Int. Girls’

We will Run Jumping events as follows.

Junior Triple

Intermediate Triple

Senior Triple

Then begin running long jump in same order until time runs out



Jr. Girls’     100m

Jr. Boys’     100m

Int. Girls’    100m

Int. Boys’    100m

Sr. Girls’    100m

Sr. Boys’    100m

10:10 Shot Put – Int. Boys’


11:10 Jr. Girls’     400m

Jr. Boys’     400m

Int. Girls’    400m

Int. Boys’    400m

Sr. Girls’    400m

Sr. Boys’    400m

10:50 Shot Put – Sr. Girls’


11:40 LUNCH BREAK (if time) 11:40 LUNCH BREAK (if time)




Finals         100m


Jr. Girls’     800m

Jr. Boys’     800m

Int. Girls’    800m

Int. Boys’    800m

Sr. Girls’    800m

Sr. Boys’    800m

12:15 Shot Put – Sr. Boys
1:20 Jr. Girls’     200m

Jr. Boys’     200m

Int. Girls’    200m

Int. Boys’    200m

Sr. Girls’    200m

Sr. Boys’    200m



Track and Field May 31st

Students will be walking down to North Park on May 31st at 9:10 to participate in our track and field meet.  Only students with permission slips will be allowed to participate.  We are hoping to get all of our track events completed.  Some of our jumping events may have to be completed at the school.  We will be paired with Graham Bell School.

The schedule will be posted momentarily….

Come out and cheer on our athletes!!!!!